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Saturday, June 17, 2017


The liberal left knows no bounds in their creativity
They reach as far as they can to make things appear to support their version of reality.

Here's an example of extreme distortion
designed to support their weird notion that everything is against them.



.....was named the

Coolest Small Town

In America

By Budget Travel Magazine

ahead of Bisbee Arizona
Nevada City, Calif

where ever that is...!!

......just proves journalistic whoredom is alive
and well.

A commenter asked how much he
was paid and by whom for this
propaganda piece

Most of the 29 comments were negative

On Oct 7, 2015 I was caught writing my name on a bench
by the AP police.  I pulled out my camera and made a

For writing my name one time (Nine letters)

I wrote my name one time
I got three charges
Eight months later
after six trips to court
and three lawyers

all charges were dismissed.

What this was, was a
false arrest and a malicious
prosecution orchestrated by a

politically correct, man hating, fem-Nazi
on the city council who has let her sexual
orientation distort her judgment..

.....how cool is that ?



......the coconut man on the boardwalk

related a story to me about when he was in re-hab.

Someone woke him up during the night and asked him to write a poem about
his "White Lady".  He said O.K. in the morning.  The person insisted right now
so he wrote this poem for someone in the middle of the night.
Here it is.

Here he is with another.....


Friday, June 16, 2017

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Sunday, May 21, 2017




The rules

Talk is cheap

Money first

Keep the doors locked

The motto

Kick ass

Take names

Don't play games

The poem

The hack

He's got to be clever
He's got to be quick
He's got to have a

This works good in a bar

You go in and holler "Taxi"
Some drunk leans off the stool
and sez, R U the cab.
I reply....

No, I'm the driver.  The cab is out front.  It sent
me in to get you.  It doesn't like 2 B
kept waiting, let's go.

Stupid questions.

You get to the destination and the passenger
asks, how do I get out?

You open the door.

How do I do that?

Use the handle.

Where's it at?

On the door.

Where at on the door?

Near the center.  If you need
more help I'll come back there and
let you out.

How to throw someone out of the cab

If you don't like the way this cab is operated
you can always

.....shop around

Friday, May 19, 2017


...now that I'm on the subject

I drove cab at night in L.A. and Hollywood for many
years.  I'm often asked did I have any famous people in
the cab.  The short answer...yes!

Who was the most famous?

He is so old most people won't remember
him.  He was the main radio broadcaster

This was probably in the early 60's.  The
Coconut Grove and the Brown Derby on Wilshire Blvd
were the hot spots.  The area behind it on 8th St.
was the happening area.

One night around 3 or 4 AM I pull into the Coconut Grove
cab stand and get out to talk to the door man, Harry Black.

He was talking to...guess who?


Remember....good evening Mr. and Mrs. America
...and all the ships at sea.

Harry introduced me.  I called him Walt.

Harry was upset, Walter said it's o.k. I was just a kid.

The other big name was....!!!

One nite I get a call for a place way back in the
Beverly Hills.  In that area there were fences around everyplace. 

I pulled up to the voice box at the gate.  Soon
someone came down and let me in.  He went back to the
house.  I turned around and waited.  Pretty soon
a short blond haired guy came out and inquired how much it was to go to a certain place.  I told him, he went
back inside.

Pretty soon a couple of women come out and get in the cab.  I take them where they wanted to go.

A week later I get another call for the same place.
This time the gate is open, so I drive up and turn around.
Soon the guy who let me in before comes out
and gets in.  He is going to what I know to be a see and be seen spot.

I asked him who lives there?

That was ROD STEWART who came out and
inquired about the fare.

I had Dino Delaurentis nephew in the cab once.  I think
Burt  Bacharach who was really drunk one time.

There are three kinds of people in L.A.
Artist, actors and illegal aliens.

For every legitimate actor you have you'll get a hundred wanna' be's.

I'm an actor, turn left here.  what have you
been in ?  Nuffin' yet.

Can I get a break on the meter ?


......danced with

Michael Jackson

in the thriller video

She was in the news lately as where
are they now.

I drove cab in Hollywierd @ nite
I had her in the cab twice

The first time she was crying because her
Iranian boyfriend would not marry her as fast
as she wanted.

Good luck.  Glad you found peace

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

DRUM & HOOP 5/17/17

The second

In the


was two to three times larger than the first.
Hope this is a good omen for the summer.

Hop Along Cassidy was there along
with Sampson's sister

Where were you ?


Friday, May 12, 2017



after 8 mos.

Historical reference.

On this site

Oct. 10 2016

May 5, 2017

After 8 mos and three lawyers later the city of

Admitted defeat and dismissed all charges.

I appeared at 730 AM as requested on the summons
but not at 715 as demanded by my assigned public defender,

Richard Kiel.

Mr. Kiel brings his ego to the situation.  After 8 mos he appears upon the scene with a dress code and demands I show up early

Read:  bow and kiss my ass.

We retire to a conference room where my worse suspicions are confirmed.  First thing he does is read me the ordinance that pertains to my situation then suggest that I'm guilty.

You know that your public defender is a pretender when he sez:  pleading guilty is your best defense.

The discussion boiled down to this.
My charges, my trial, my decisions.

His position was that the supreme court allows him to determine strategy.  Think about that.  Why bother to include me in a trial at all if you decided, independently of me what is going to happen to me.

Just declare me guilty and dispense with the charade of a trial.

I told him that he had to follow my direction or with draw as Gardenier and Tripolli had done. He refused.  Saying the court had appointed him.

He left me no choice but to terminate him.

He did say, but it was not clear that the prosecution was willing to accept thirty three dollars as court cost.

Back in court we were immediately called up.

Mr. Kiel got up and re-iterated that the supreme court sed he can decide my defense.

The  judge asked  me to speak

My position was my charges, my trial, my decision.

When it became clear that all criminal charges would be dropped in exchange for a thirty three dollar court
cost I agreed.

Mr. Butler the prosecutor had to eat crow and was not happy about it.

I sed. thank you and walked out.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017





has returned

Today 5/10/17

was the first of many more to cum

Our cheerleader Le Beck

Visit:  You-tube

Post> Drum & Hoop

Cum on down and join us for an authentic
and mellow good time.